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SAČ ("satch") CHICKEN..a totally different grilling experience!

This is our traditional Easter meal. It is SO DELICIOUS that any guest who's ever celebrated Easter with us is blown away. The recipe comes from our director's many trips to a little town in former Yugoslavia, (Medjugorje). It was originally called "Yugoslavian Chicken," but after the war, the area split into Croatia and Bosnia Herzegovina, so not even the locals like to use that name any more! The families that hosted him in the village prepared this meal for him and you could say that it was "love at first bite." Everyone who has eaten it with us would agree. We look forward to it every year. With Old Century Meats' chicken, it's unmatchable.

Old Century Meats Sac Chicken
WOW!...Yes, it tastes as good as it looks!

(We've actually never shared these steps, so if you spread it, please credit it back to us.)

You will need a SAČ, which our director and his wife have carried back from Croatia, but we have found them on-line here: , and to make it the way they make it in Croatia, you will need "Podravka Vegeta All-Purpose Seasoning" which can be found on-line in multiple places as well as specialty grocers.

You will need: LOVE...olive oil, sliced potatoes, sliced onions, sliced carrots, chicken legs, chicken thighs, thick cut bacon, "Vegeta" and black pepper