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Pork Chop Old Century Meats
Old Century Meats Cattle in pasture
Old Century Meats' Pork Belly
Old Century Meats Herefords
Old Century Meats Ribs
Old Century Meats cattle
Old Century Meats Pork Loin Roast
Old Century Meats cattle in pasture
Old Century Meats Steak
Old Century Meats Pastured Poultry

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For Centuries man's connection with an agrarian way has decreased from 90% in the 1900s to less than 1% today.  At Old Century Meats, we are committed to an agrarian way of life and have been for over 30 years.    Being the closest, most local artisan meat producers to Birmingham, Alabama, Old Century Meats raises our heritage cattle, hogs and chickens just over Double Oak Mountain a few short miles off of Highway 280.  VERY LOCAL. You may not be able to produce your own food, but you can rely on us to provide you with healthy, delicious meat you can feel good about.  We are here for those who seek high quality meats that will not only impress your palate, but will improve your lifestyle.  We understand that not everyone can raise their own cattle, hogs and chickens...Let Old Century Meats do that for you.  We invite you to be part of our way of life, where the milk and honey flows.

What do we offer?  Tender, flavorful, conveniently packaged all-natural beef, pork and chicken in cuts that you are familiar with to fit your recipes.  We look forward to becoming part of your mealtime and sharing our labor of love with you!  

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