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Why Frozen Meat?

Preserving Freshness

At Old Century Meats, we work hard to provide you with the juiciest, most tender meat.  We are not like normal grocers who place their fresh meat for some time on a shelf and then freeze it when it doesn't sell fast enough so that they don't lose money.  We freeze our meats at the peak moment of freshness so that it is preserved until you’re ready to prepare.  It’s like pressing the "pause" button on nature’s perfection process.  Whether it's immediately after the 14 day dry-age process on beef, or immediately after processing our pork and poultry, freezing stops the aging process in its tracks and preserves freshness at the right moment.  Frozen meat also takes the hassle out of timing the use of fresh meat.  You don't have to plan your week around using your meat before it goes bad. 


For Old Century Meats ' practices on thawing and cooking click here. 

(A copy of this will be included in all of your orders.)

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