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FROM OUR  Fields TO YOUR  Table

What we've grown for ourselves for decades as a Way of Life, we now share with you.



Over 30 years ago we embarked on a journey different from the rest.  We wanted something that was nearly lost and becoming extinct.  We cast the TV out of our lives and never looked back.  Instead, we immersed ourselves and our children into an agrarian way of life.  We set ourselves on a path different from society.  We found fulfillment in the gratification ordained by God, "by the sweat of your brow shall you eat." (Genesis 3:19)


If you could peer into our life, you would see we eat, drink, and think this agrarian way of life. On our end tables and night stands you will first find the book with all the answers to everything in life: the Bible.  You will also find books for the pursuit of excellence on meat quality, husbandry, and many others with age-old wisdom that has been tossed aside due to the mass production food industries and cheap chemicals labeled as technology.  In our research we have traveled the world, attended seminars, and gathered crucial knowledge that is foreign to today's engineered food system.


We bring to you not just food, but a passion that can not be quenched except by excellence. We strive to bring you the most healthy alternative to today's mass production food system, products that are tasty and tender, that your family will want to come together for and enjoy just as we do. The fruit of our labor of love we share with you.


Our agrarian system is a multi-generational operation.  We get up early, stay up late, work all hours of the day and night, and live the sacrificial life that comes with an agrarian lifestyle.  Though you will enjoy the benefits of our incredibly healthy and amazingly delicious products, we do not do it for you first.  We do not do it for money.  Our way of life is firstly to honor God and to depend on Him for what feeds us, and secondly to offer our children not only a healthier lifestyle, but a more joyful, more pure childhood.  Our animals bring great joy to them, and our children are a great joy to our animals.  Our kids are healthier both physically and emotionally because of it.  Our all-natural beef, pork, and chicken which is hormone-free, steroid-free, antibiotic-free and GMO-free is good for them, and so is the hard work that goes along with this labor of love.  Being part of Old Century Meats, is being part of our life...(minus all the hard work...that sounds like a deal!) 

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