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If you can't raise it yourselves, at least know the people who do.


The Community behind Old Century Meats

We are fathers, mothers, children, and friends...a Community of one mind and one heart.   Our agrarian lifestyle is not the thing that drew us together.  Our longing to put God in the first place in our lives and our desire to serve Him in all we do is our glue.  It is through prayer that our founder was shown that the agrarian lifestyle was better for our children than the entertainment the world was offering them.  Hard work, sacrifice, and all the virtue that comes from working the land is what we were seeking.  But what we found was even more than that.  The more naturally we could raise our animals, the happier they were, and the better they tasted!  People who came from across the nation to visit us commented constantly on our meals made with love and the meat we raised.  We found ourselves repeating our two mottos to our guests over and over: 

"Our first ingredient is love"  &

"  You can mass produce food, but you can't mass produce good food."

Though we were content to keep our delicious meat and our beautiful way of life to ourselves, we have now been able to produce excess from the fruit of our labor and we desire to share all the good that God has done in our lives and in our animals with you.  We hope that every encounter you have Old Century Meats feels like "coming home"... like an encounter with family. 

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