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Best Treats for Man's Best Friend

We have received MANY requests for healthy bones and organ meats for our customers' pets. We care about the health and well-being of all of our Old Century Meats family, so shouldn't we care about their 4-legged friends, too? "Man's best friend" deserves the best, so we've curated a box based on what some of the experts suggest (because we are not pet treat experts...just meat experts, wink).

Save over 20% and give your pet extremely healthy treats with our new "Pet Treat Box." (P.S. They are USDA certified so they're good for you too!)

Ronny LeJeune, is the raw feeding coach behind "Perfectly Rawsome." She has experience in the pet care industry where she developed a special interest in canine nutrition, training, and fitness. She states, "Feeding raw meaty bones in a raw diet provides essential calcium. These raw meaty bones can be fed whole or in ground form...Raw diets for dogs include 10-15% edible bone content and raw diets for cats include 5-7% edible bone. Appropriate raw meaty bones should be selected for raw diets to provide essential calcium. If raw meaty bones are not included in raw diets, a calcium supplement is warranted to ensure the diet provides sufficient levels of calcium for optimal health."

It is important to get raw treats from a fresh, healthy, and clean source. That's where Old Century Meats comes in, and that's why many have made us their source for spoiling their pets with nutrient dense, all natural, non-GMO, antibiotic free products. Do you buy your bones from a box store? Here's what LeJeune has to say about that:


Boiled, braised, roasted, smoked, dehydrated, or any other cooked bones are dangerous. These bones are dry and brittle because the very act of cooking bones changes the molecular structure of the bone and removes all moisture which causes them to splinter. These bones should never be fed.

Old Century Meats has the ideal fresh, raw bones for your pet.

To read LeJeune's full articles, visit here:

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