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CrossFit Mudtown Visits Old Century Meats

Updated: Mar 12, 2018

Ever conscious of what is best for the body, members of CrossFit Mudtown have been regular customers of Old Century Meats. Part of their team building aspect is going on outings together on the weekends with their children. Wanting a behind-the-scenes tour, many families came to "meet the meat" they eat. What they left with was an explanation of how we grow our animals and how we grow our way of life. The children were free to run through the fields, climb on round bales, get up close to the piglets, see the cows get milked, and ride on horses and pony carts. The adults were introduced to our practices, feeding concepts and breeds, and enjoyed letting their kids be kids while here.

The kids were able to experience life as the kids in our community experience it every day!

Feed presentations helped explain how we raise our animals to achieve the highest possible genetic potential.

Everyone was able to met "Spartan," our super impressive Brown Swiss (dairy) can hear his bellow as you approach!

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