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Hogs on a Spit for Celebrations!

Updated: Mar 16, 2020

From wedding receptions, to medieval feasts and Fourth of July celebrations, a whole hog on a spit adds excitement, entertainment and a delicious meal. Create lasting memories by ordering a whole hog from Old Century Meats. Your family and guests will never forget the flavor...and the fun!

These pictures (above and below) show an old-world style spit that was created for a dress up, Medieval Feast that put on for our children as they studied Kings, Queens and Knights.

And remember...the hog tastes much better if you're dressed as a jester, a princess, a Lord or a Lady!!!

Fourth of July traditions...

(Above and Below) Every Fourth of July, the Community behind Old Century Meats slaughters a hog and roasts it whole as part of the celebration. Call us for details on whole animal options! 205.983.3280.

There are tips all over the internet and how-to tutorials everywhere, so just look it up and give it a shot. For a brief overview check out this link from Serious Eats: (We're usually feeding 50 people so a 90 pound piglet isn't enough for us...but may be just what you need!)

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