After the Rain

Encouraging our kids to be outside...even if it's part of our way of life. There is scarcely a more beautiful scene than a little kid stomping through a rain puddle. Often times, as parents, we feel inconvenienced by the rain and we are the ones who discourage our kids from being outside. Last night, as we didn't have to prep for the following day's Farmers Market that was cancelled, we took a stroll under the red, white and blue clouds and came home with our jeans muddy and wet, but our spirits light and clean. In the agrarian life, rain in always a blessing...and God has been good this week.

Rainboots. Agrarian Essentials.

"Until my boots get taller, you check the cows, sis."

"I'll check out these chickens."

Thanking God for the agrarian life that feeds our bodies and souls.

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