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Little Man...Loves Meat

2 weeks ago "Drew" melted the hearts of all at Old Century Meats. We were thrilled to see him again this past Saturday and snapped a picture of him so that we could share his story.

Little boy enjoying Old Century Meats Country Smoked Sausage
Though we love you all, Drew is our favorite customer at the Valleydale Farmers Market on Saturdays.

We love kids. We love to see them just "be kids" and enjoy life, outdoors, creation...and food! Two weeks ago, Drew walked up to Old Century Meats' booth at the Valleydale Farmers Market to get samples. After his first bite, he laid his little stash of money onto our table and said he wanted "meat." His mother gently encouraged him to wait a minute before his purchase as there were other booths to see. He replied, "No, I want meat." Slightly tugging his arm, his mom explained that there were baked goods, cookies, jams and more and that he should wait before spending his allowance/chore money. As if determined no matter what was said, Drew unfolded $6.00 and asked, "What can I get for this?" Giving in, his sweet mom resigned herself to the little man's request. We pulled out a pack of Old Century Meats chicken tenders and gave him some change in return...and just so that mom thought it was a good investment, we threw in a free cooler bag. Drew's sweet smile lit up his face and he proudly walked off with his purchase over his shoulder.

Kids love our meat. Most children aren't old enough to have lived in the "good 'ole days" and be able to reminisce about the fresh meat from Grandpa's farm, yet there's something about our meat that they love. We have had many parents at the Farmers Markets tell us that their kids don't like meat, but they love our meat. Two young boys in Chelsea sampled our bacon and asked, "What is this?" They couldn't even recognize what they were eating! All of the "mass produced factory" meat available at grocery stores simply doesn't hold a candle to heritage grown, artisan raised meat. As adults, we sometimes take for granted food the way God intended it to be, but a kid can taste the difference. We even had one grandmother tell us that her granddaughter wants to come live with us so she can have meat all the time! We feel blessed to be able to provide you with delicious meat that is also good for you. Bring your kids out to meet us at the Farmers Markets and let them taste for themselves! If you haven't tried it yet, come see us on Thursdays in Chelsea or on Saturdays at the Valleydale Farmers Market, and bring your kids. Out of the mouths of babes come truth.

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